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Explore our innovative solutions to protect critical infrastructure and those who support it.

Power Generation & Transmission | Data Centers | Water Treatment | Oil & Gas | Warehouse Distribution | Transportation & More!

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The global economy is literally fueled by the energy we produce, the water we consume, and the data we transmit. With such reliance, doesn't it make sense to physically protect these very critical entities with state-of-the-art security?

Learn how Amulet® helps mitigate threats to critical infrastructure.

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Amulet SafeWrap™

The generation of power and its transmission is essential to society. Amulet SafeWrap™ is engineered to safeguard these systems efficiently and effectively.

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Amulet SafeWrap™ Video

Watch this informative video to learn more about this revolutionary product.

Amulet SafeVest™

There is nothing more critical to an organization than its people. Keeping them safe is essential. Highly visible yet completely concealable, Amulet SafeVest™ takes worksite safety to the next level with a full spectrum of ballistic protection, detection and autonomous notification.

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Amulet SafeWall™

Protecting life and assets from an active shooter or blast event is essential to your security plan. Amulet SafeWall™ is a simple yet elegant solution to safeguard your control rooms, network server rooms, security operations centers or safe rooms.

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Amulet Intercept™

Amulet Intercept™ is state-of-the-art energy wave technology that detects gunshots and blasts instantaneously – all without human intervention. It can be used as a stand-alone device, or be integrated with Amulet SafeVest™, SafeWall™ and SafeWrap™ products.

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